N u F a c t 0 9

11th International Workshop on
Neutrino Factories, Superbeams and Beta Beams

July 20-25, 2009 — Illinois Institute of Technology — Chicago


WG1 Program (Neutrino Oscillation Physics)

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— Tuesday July 21 —
09:00Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
10:40— Break —
11:05Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
11:55Future Synergies [Wishnick - 113] Chair: Sandhya Choubey
Hints for CP violation from upcoming neutrino oscillation experiments (Patrick Huber, Virginia Tech)
Testing neutrino mass generation at LHC (Francisco del Aguila, Universidad de Granada)
12:40— Lunch —
14:00Miscellaneous [Wishnick - 113] Chair: Sandhya Choubey
Oscillations of very low energy atmospheric neutrinos (Orlando Peres, Universidade Estadual de Campinas)
Re-evaluation of the T2KK physics potential with simulations including backgrounds (Naotoshi Okamura, KEK)
The low-energy Neutrino Factory (Tracey Li, IPPP Durham University)
Physics with near detectors at a Neutrino Factory (Jian Tang, University of Wuerzburg)
15:30— Break —
16:00Theory/Discussion [Wishnick - 113] Chair: Sandhya Choubey
Non-unitary lepton mixing matrix, leptogenesis and low energy CP violation (Werner Rodejohann, Max Planck Institut)
Overview of neutrino mixing models and differentiating among them (Carl Albright, Fermilab)
NuFlavor workshop summary and discussion (Silvia Pascoli, IPPP Durham University)
— Wednesday July 22 —
09:00Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
10:30— Break —
11:00Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
11:50Monte Carlo [Wishnick - 113] Chair: Chris Walter
GLoBES (Patrick Huber, Virginia Tech)
Montecubes (Mattias Blennow)
12:35— Lunch —
14:00WG1-2 Joint [Wishnick - 113]
Totally Active Scintillator Detector (Malcolm Ellis, Brunel University)
Status of the MIND simulation and analysis (Andrew Laing, University of Glasgow)
R&D towards huge liquid argon detectors for nucleon decay, neutrino astrophysics and CP-violation in the lepton sector (Takasumi Maruyama, KEK)
Event reconstruction in LAr TPCs (Ornella Palamara, INFN-LNGS)
15:30— Break —
16:00WG1-2 Joint [Wishnick - 113]
The physics impact of proton track identification in future megaton-scale water Cherenkov detectors (Chris Walter, Duke University)
Liquid scintillation detectors for high energy neutrinos (Stefanie Smith, University of Hawaii at Manua)
The PEANUT experiment in the NuMI beam at Fermilab (Andrea Russo, University of Naples)
Neutrino beam flux systematics (Laura Loiacono, University of Texas at Austin)
After-dinner lecture: Mies' IIT Campus as Design Laboratory (Justine Jentes, Director, Mies van der Rohe Society, IIT)
— Friday July 24 —
09:00Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
10:30— Break —
11:00Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
11:50NSI [Wishnick - 113] Chair: Thomas Schwetz-Mangold
Neutrino factory optimization for non-standard interactions (Toshihiko Ota, Wuerzburg University)
Resolving standard and nonstandard CP violation phases in neutrino oscillations (Renata Zukanovich Funchal, Universidade de Sao Paulo)
12:35— Lunch —
14:00NSI Sterile [Perlstein - 131] Chair: Thomas Schwetz-Mangold
Non-standard neutrino interactions from seesaw models (He Zhang, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden)
Bounds on neutrino non-standard interactions (Enrique Fernandez-Martinez, Max Planck Institut)
Sterile neutrinos at a neutrino factory (Jacobo Lopez-Pavon, Instituto de Fisica Teorica UAM/CSI)
15:30— Break —
16:00Beta Beams [Perlstein - 131] Chair: Thomas Schwetz-Mangold
Optimization of the two baseline Beta-Beam (Pilar Coloma, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)
Measuring neutrino mass with radioactive ions in a storage ring (Christopher Orme, IPP Durham University)
Constraining sterile neutrinos with a low energy beta-beam (Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla, Virginia Tech)
CP violation from a combined beta beam and electron capture neutrino experiment (Maria-Catalina Espinoza-Hernandez, Valencia University)
19:00Public Lecture: The Fastest Trip between Fermilab and Minnesota (Deborah Harris, Fermilab) [Wishnick - 113]
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