N u F a c t 0 9

11th International Workshop on
Neutrino Factories, Superbeams and Beta Beams

July 20-25, 2009 — Illinois Institute of Technology — Chicago


WG2 Program (Neutrino Scattering Physics)

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— Tuesday July 21 —
09:00Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
10:40— Break —
11:05Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
11:55-12:45[Hermann Lounge] Chair: Luis Alvarez-Ruso
11:55Status and prospects of the hadron production experiments (Raphaël Schroeter, Université de Genève)
12:25Strange quark polarization (Vassili Papavassiliou, New Mexico State University)
12:40— Lunch —
14:00-15:30[Hermann Lounge] Chair: Luis Alvarez-Ruso
14:00Low energy quasi-elastic experiments results (Rex Tayloe, Indiana University)
14:25High energy quasi-elastic experiments results (Richard Gran, University of Minnesota Duluth)
14:50Neutrino induced nuclear emission (Manuel Valverde, Osaka University)
15:30— Break —
16:00-17:30[Hermann Lounge] Chair: Yoshinari Hayato
16:00Single pion production experiments review (Joan Catala-Perez, IFIC U. Valencia/CSIC)
16:30Neutrino-induced pion production on nuclei (Ulrich Mosel, Universitaet Giessen)
— Wednesday July 22 —
09:00Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
10:30— Break —
11:00Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
11:50-12:40[Hermann Lounge] Chair: Ulrich Mosel
11:50Coherent pion-production experiments review (Hide-Kazu Tanaka, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
12:15Coherent pion-production (Eliecer Hernandez-Gajate, University of Salamanca)
12:35— Lunch —
14:00WG1-2 Joint [Wishnick - 113]
Totally Active Scintillator Detector (Malcolm Ellis, Brunel University)
Status of the MIND simulation and analysis (Andrew Laing, University of Glasgow)
R&D towards huge liquid argon detectors for nucleon decay, neutrino astrophysics and CP-violation in the lepton sector (Takasumi Maruyama, KEK)
Event reconstruction in LAr TPCs (Ornella Palamara, INFN-LNGS)
15:30— Break —
16:00WG1-2 Joint [Wishnick - 113]
The physics impact of proton track identification in future megaton-scale water Cherenkov detectors (Chris Walter, Duke University)
Liquid scintillation detectors for high energy neutrinos (Stefanie Smith, University of Hawaii at Manoa)
The PEANUT experiment in the NuMI beam at Fermilab (Andrea Russo, University of Naples)
Neutrino beam flux systematics (Laura Loiacono, University of Texas at Austin)
After-dinner lecture: Mies' IIT Campus as Design Laboratory (Justine Jentes, Director, Mies van der Rohe Society, IIT)
— Friday July 24 —
09:00Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
10:30— Break —
11:00Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
11:50-12:35[Hermann Lounge] Chair: Ulrich Mosel
11:50Update of Bodek-Yang correction (Arie Bodek, University of Rochester)
12:10Quark-hadron duality in lepton scattering off nuclei (Krzysztof Graczyk, ITP University of Wroclaw)
12:35— Lunch —
14:00-15:40[Hermann Lounge] Chair: David Schmitz
14:00DIS experiments (Martin Tzanov, University of Colorado)
14:35PDFs from neutrino DIS review (Jorge Morfin, Fermilab)
15:15Deeply virtual neutrino production of pion from nuclear target (Gary Goldstein, Tufts University)
15:30— Break —
16:00-17:30[Hermann Lounge] Chair: Jorge Morfin
16:00MINERνA (Brandon Eberly, University of Pittsburgh)
16:30MicroBooNE/Argoneut (Maddalena Antonello, INFN-LNGS)
17:00High energy neutrino experiments (electroweak) (Janet Conrad, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
19:00Public Lecture: The Fastest Trip between Fermilab and Minnesota (Deborah Harris, Fermilab) [Wishnick - 113]
Speakers can upload talks here