N u F a c t 0 9

11th International Workshop on
Neutrino Factories, Superbeams and Beta Beams

July 20-25, 2009 — Illinois Institute of Technology — Chicago


WG3 Program (Accelerator Physics)

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— Tuesday July 21 —
09:00Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
10:40— Break —
11:05Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
11:55-12:40WG3-4 Joint — Proton Driver 1 [Armour DR] Chair: Harold Kirk
11:55Project X ACD and its upgrades for Neutrino Factory or Muon Collider (Valeri Lebedev, Fermilab)
12:25Questions + discussions
12:40— Lunch —
14:00-15:30Proton Driver 2 + Muon Cooling [Armour DR] Chair: Gail Hanson
14:00Beam stability in the SPL proton driver accumulator for a Neutrino Factory at CERN (Elena Benedetto, CERN)
14:25Questions + discussions
14:30Physics processes missing from current simulations (Tom Roberts, Muons Inc.)
14:50Questions + discussions
14:55Status of MICE (Paul Soler, University of Glasgow)
15:25Questions + discussions
15:30— Break —
16:00-17:35Front End [Armour DR] Chair: Robert Palmer
16:00Cooling scheme summary (Beta Beams, ionization cooling) (David Neuffer, Fermilab)
16:25Questions + discussions
16:30A 30 GeV Muon Collider front end to feed a Neutrino Factory (Rolland Johnson, Muons Inc.)
16:50Frictional cooling scheme for Muon Collider: demonstration experiment summary [clip] (Daniel Greenwald, Max Planck Institut)
17:10Shielded RF lattice for the muon front end (Chris Rogers, Rutherford Appleton Lab)
17:30Questions + discussions
— Wednesday July 22 —
09:00Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
10:30— Break —
11:00Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
11:50-12:35WG3-4 Joint — Muon Source + End to End Simulation [Armour DR] Chair: Yoshi Kuno
11:55PRISM-FFAG (Akira Sato, Osaka University)
12:20Ultra slow muon source for new g-2 experiment (Katsuhiko Ishida, RIKEN)
12:35— Lunch —
14:00-15:30Muon Ionization Cooling R&D 1 [Armour DR] Chair: Andreas Jansson
14:00Effects of external magnetic fields on RF cavity operation (Diktys Stratakis, Brookhaven National Lab)
14:15Thoughts on incorporating HPRF in a linear cooling channel (Michael Zisman, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
14:30Be cavity design (Robert Palmer, Brookhaven National Lab)
14:45Helical FOFO snake update (Yuri Alexahin, Fermilab)
15:00Questions + discussions
15:30— Break —
16:00-17:30Production and Target 1 [Armour DR] Chair: Sam Childress
16:00Recent Results from MERIT (Harold Kirk, Brookhaven National Lab)
16:20Optimized study of the mercury jet target parameters for neutrino factories (Xiaoping Ding, UCLA)
16:40Initial commissioning of the T2K beamline (Mark Hartz, University of Toronto/York University)
17:00Pion production from 5-15 GeV beam for Neutrino Factory front-end study (Gersende Prior, CERN)
17:20Questions + discussions
After-dinner lecture: Mies' IIT Campus as Design Laboratory (Justine Jentes, Director, Mies van der Rohe Society, IIT)
— Friday July 24 —
09:00Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
10:30— Break —
11:00Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
11:50-12:40WG3-4 Joint — Production and Target 2 [Armour DR] Chair: Marcos Dracos
11:50Project X and a muon facility at Fermilab (Milorad Popovic, Fermilab)
12:10Questions + discussions
12:15Comparisons between MARS and HARP data (Jim Strait, Fermilab) [by phone]
12:35Questions + discussions
12:35— Lunch —
14:00-15:35Neutrino Factory + Experiences with Operating Beams for Neutrino Experiments [Armour DR] Chair: Mike Zisman
14:00EUROnu Superbeam studies (Andrea Longhin, CEA Saclay IRFU-SPP)
14:20Status and Plans of the EUROnu Neutrino Factory workpackage (Kenneth Long, Imperial College London)
14:40Studies of muon-induced radioactivity at NuMI (David Boehnlein, Fermilab)
15:00The problem of RF gradient limits (Jim Norem, Argonne National Lab)
15:15Atomic layer deposition to improve accelerator performance (Thomas Proslier, Argonne National Lab)
15:30Questions + discussions
15:30— Break —
16:00-17:30Acceleration [Armour DR] Chair: Francois Méot
16:00Injection/extraction studies for muon FFAG (Jaroslaw Pasternak, Imperial College London/RAL)
16:15IDS accelerator working group status and plans (Scott Berg, Brookhaven National Lab)
16:35Recirculating linac acceleration - end-to-end simulation (Alex Bogacz, Jefferson Lab)
16:55Advanced scaling FFAG for muon acceleration (Yoshiharu Mori, Kyoto University)
17:15Scaling FFAG straight lines and their applications (Thomas Planche, Kyoto University)
19:00Public Lecture: The Fastest Trip between Fermilab and Minnesota (Deborah Harris, Fermilab) [Wishnick - 113]
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