N u F a c t 0 9

11th International Workshop on
Neutrino Factories, Superbeams and Beta Beams

July 20-25, 2009 — Illinois Institute of Technology — Chicago


WG4 Program (Muon Physics)

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— Tuesday July 21 —
09:00Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
10:40— Break —
11:05Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
11:55-12:40WG3-4 Joint — Proton Driver 1 [Armour DR]
11:55Project X ACD and its upgrades for Neutrino Factory or Muon Collider (Valeri Lebedev, Fermilab)
12:25Questions + discussions
12:35— Lunch —
14:00-15:30[Alumni Lounge]
14:00TWIST muon decay analysis: recent progress (Glen Marshall, TRIUMF)
14:30Mu2e: the new muon to electron conversion project at FNAL (Douglas Glenzinski, Fermilab)
15:00Mu-e conversion search at JPARC: COMET (Akira Sato, Osaka University)
15:30— Break —
16:00-17:30[Alumni Lounge]
16:00The Mu2e muon beamline (Richard Coleman, Fermilab)
16:30Proton beamline for Mu2e (Michael Syphers, Fermilab)
17:00Superconducting magnet development in Mu2e-COMET Collaboration (Toru Ogitsu, KEK)
— Wednesday July 22 —
09:00Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
10:30— Break —
11:00Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
11:45-12:30WG3-4 Joint — Muon Source + End to End Simulation [Armour DR]
11:45PRISM-FFAG (Akira Sato, Osaka University)
12:10Ultra slow muon source for new g-2 experiment (Katsuhiko Ishida, RIKEN)
12:30— Lunch —
14:00-15:00[Alumni Lounge]
14:00Overview and status report on the MUSIC Project (Makoto Yoshida, Osaka University)
14:30MEG: mu to e gamma decays at PSI (Donato Nicolo, INFN-Pisa)
15:30— Break —
16:00-17:30[Alumni Lounge]
16:00Plan of a new g-2 experiment at J-PARC (Naohito Saito, KEK)
16:30A new muon g-2 experiment at FNAL (Chris Polly, Fermilab)
17:00The MuCap Experiment at PSI (Steven Clayton, Los Alamos National Lab)
After-dinner lecture: Mies' IIT Campus as Design Laboratory (Justine Jentes, Director, Mies van der Rohe Society, IIT)
— Friday July 24 —
09:00Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
10:30— Break —
11:00Plenary [Hermann - McCormick Auditorium]
11:50-12:40WG3-4 Joint — Production and Target 2 [Armour DR]
11:50Project X and a muon facility at Fermilab (Milorad Popovic, Fermilab)
12:10Questions + discussions
12:15Comparisons between MARS and HARP data (Jim Strait, Fermilab) [by phone]
12:35Questions + discussions
12:30— Lunch —
14:00-15:30[Alumni Lounge]
14:00Proton extinction monitor on the COMET Project (Naoyuki Nakadozono, Osaka University)
14:30Proton extinction for Mu2e (Eric Prebys, Fermilab)
15:00The next generation muon source at J-PARC/MUSE (Kazutaka Nakahara, University of Maryland)
15:30— Break —
19:00Public Lecture: The Fastest Trip between Fermilab and Minnesota (Deborah Harris, Fermilab) [Wishnick - 113]
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